Phillip's Giant Pancake Puff

Phillip's Giant Pancake Puff

Hello, September! It's the season of returning to school, cooler evenings, and less humidity - yes, please!

My son Phillip has been asking to be on the podcast for several months now, and I thought that September would be a great time, since we're thinking about packing lunches, hurried morning routines, and just a change of pace as school starts. Phillip's recipe is great for slower weekend mornings, and since we were in the kitchen, I added in a bonus recipe for the granola that I make a big batch of every few weeks during the school year and regularly take in my packed lunch. It's also great to have in the pantry to feed hungry mouths on their way to school or work. 

Phillip is 11, he loves to bake, and one of the things he makes often on weekends is a pancake puff from Molly Katzen's book Honest Pretzels. The pancake puff is really fun because it puffs up, in a different shape every time - the boys have often been seen sitting in front of the oven door to watch as it bakes. It's a simple batter to put together, and while the pancake is baking, a smoothie or fruit salad or fruit topping and whipped cream can be prepared. He is able to make it entirely independently, but since we were together in the kitchen this time, I assisted in some minor ways. Phillip was in a bit of a goofy mood when we recorded, as you'll hear. He's also growing like crazy right now and has been a bit (a LOT) clumsy; you'll hear the story behind the spilled milk in the audio. (We didn't cry over it.)

If your routine changed this week, best of luck settling in to this new season - you can look forward to making a spectacular pancake puff on the weekend to celebrate surviving!

In the audio we mention:

Chili By George, an all-time favourite at our house.

Tortilla and Black Bean Pie.

Split Pea and Ham Soup (I don't have a set recipe that I use, but this one is pretty good).

Phillip recommended the Harry Potter series, in case you've never heard of it.

Spilled Milk
Puff pancake
P in kitchen
Puff pancake with berries and cream
Mixing granola