Ash's Buckwheat Pancakes
Fermented Buckwheat

This summer seems to be one of charming, beautiful farmhouse kitchens and gluten-free, fermented recipes from the Annapolis Valley! Ash graciously welcomed me into her kitchen on a day of torrential downpours alternating with sun. We hit it off immediately and chatted a lot about chickens, land, permaculture, and farm animals. 

My husband is gluten-free, and I was so delighted to be able to make these for him when I was back home. And in all seriousness (I would not joke about this) - these pancakes are delicious. That cannot be said of all gluten-free pancakes. They have a bit of texture and a subtle flavour that has none of the harsh buckwheaty-ness that you might be imagining. As with most of the past episodes' recipes, they're versatile. You can add berries, nuts, or chocolate chips. You can use the buckwheat batter as a base for muffins or waffles, experimenting to see what works for you. Ash made the recipe using egg for my visit, but she usually substitutes flax seed since her son can't eat eggs. She added in some gluten-free flour mix, but we left that out when I made them at home, and they were still great. Like I said - versatile!

Fermenting is an ancient way of preserving / preparing foods that often makes them easier to digest. It sounds fancy, but it really couldn't be much easier. The key ingredient you need for these is buckwheat groats, which you can buy at Bulk Barn stores. You may also be able to find them at health food stores or your local grocery store. One very important thing is not to buy kasha, which is toasted buckwheat groats - you just want raw buckwheat groats. (Groats, groats, groats - what a funny, harsh word to say!)

In the audio, you'll hear Ash's adorable children playing with the neighbour kids. You'll be glad to know that I edited out A LOT of chicken talk (I did leave a bit in there, though, right at the beginning). 

Ash's son can't eat gluten, dairy, or eggs, and we talk about the flourless peanut butter cookies she makes from Oh She Glows Everyday, which the kids were enjoying during our visit. She also recommends the Chewy Molasses Spelt cookie recipe, and highly recommends the All-Purpose Cheese Sauce recipe, too. And she chats about the Peanut Better Balls that she makes every Christmas, which sound delicious! 

Ash uses this gluten-free flour blend.

You can find Ash on Instagram.

In progress
Ash's kitchen
Buckwheat groats
Ash's dog

Ernie joined in on the visit. He is such a lovely dog!

Cutting boards
Tabletop flowers
Ash's Fermented Buckwheat Pancakes