Lindsay's Miso Soup

Lindsay's Miso Soup

Welcome to Season 2! I'm excited to bring you another season of visits in Nova Scotia Kitchens. I have a few housekeeping notes to share before we visit with Lindsay. First, I'm pleased to let you know that the podcast is now available on Stitcher and Google Play Music, if that's how you roll. You can, as always, listen to episodes directly via the player in each post. Of course, the best way to make sure that you don't miss an episode is to subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast app. Please feel free to share Nova Scotia Kitchens with others who you think will enjoy it! You can follow along on Instagram or like Nova Scotia Kitchens on Facebook. There. Now let's get to the visit!

Speaking of podcasts (smooth segue, I know!) Lindsay Cameron Wilson will be a familiar podcasting voice to some of you from The Food Podcast. Others will be familiar with her from Love Food on Eastlink TV. She's also written several cookbooks, went to cooking school, and cooks for herself and her family. So she knows food. That aside, she happens be a sister to Sally (featured in season 1), lives in Halifax, and welcomed me into her home on a snowy day in February to enjoy a savoury, warming, filling, earthy bowl of miso soup.  Her soup is a variation on the Walnut Miso Broth with Udon Noodles recipe in Anna Jones' beautiful book A Modern Way to Eat. (I currently have it checked out of the library. It's beautiful and full of simple, delicious food. Yes, please!) 

Lindsay chopping mushrooms

We chat about my favourite episode of her podcast so far which inspired what she chose to make for us (using sea vegetables!). You can find that here.

You can see Lindsay's website here, or follow her on Instagram.

The braised cabbage recipe we swoon over is here. It is seriously one of my favourite sides, ever. A perfect, simple, delicious, hearty yet healthy dish that makes the house smell amazing.

Better than Bouillon is our favourite savoury flavour booster.

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