From my kitchen: Ginger-Cream Shortcakes with Blueberries

From my kitchen: Ginger-Cream Shortcakes with Blueberries

I love to spend time in my kitchen, and I thought it would be fun to invite you in for an occasional episode as I make a recipe and chat through it with you. For this first episode from my kitchen, I wanted to share a quick summer dessert recipe as I made it for the first time, using some of the abundance of blueberries that we have right now here in Nova Scotia. You'll hear in the main audio, however, that this ended up actually being the second time that I made it and recorded it, because the audio recorder wasn't recording the first time. Because I didn't press the button. Good grief! I'm learning all of the time. The recipe was delicious enough that I was happy to make it for a second time to share with a friend, so I made sure I had the recorder on. Listen to the end for two special taste-testers' reviews!

ginger cream shortcakes

Blueberries are in full swing right now in Nova Scotia, and we're lucky enough to have some growing in our back field. They're the small, wild ones, which are sweeter than the larger cultivated ones pictured at the top of the post, which you can find at most stores and u-picks right now. This recipe, for Summer Berries with Ginger-Cream Shortcakes is from The Lost Kitchen by Erin French. It is such a dream of a book. Although it is from Maine, there are so many similarities in climate and readily available ingredients that it perfect for anyone with a Nova Scotia kitchen - there are seafood recipes, main dishes, desserts, tips for harvesting wild edibles, and much more. And it is just beautiful.

If you listen to the episode, I list all of the amounts and instructions; because this is a recipe printed in a cookbook and is not currently available online, I don't feel comfortable re-printing it here, sans permission. You can request the book from your local library, as I did, buy your own copy (which I subsequently did) or listen to the audio.

Things I mention in the audio:

The beautiful book the recipe is from.

Magic Baking Powder - listen to the audio to hear how the lids can be re-used.

I buy vanilla beans on eBay! The price has gone up over the past several months, but it's still less expensive than buying them at the grocery store.

The Food Podcast with Lindsay Cameron Wilson - the wooden spoon episode.

I love my silicone pastry brush; it's similar to this one.

These Lee Valley biscuit cutters are the best.

You could also make a sauce with the berries by cooking them down with a bit of sugar. Really, I can't think of many ways to modify this recipe that wouldn't be delicious! Enjoy!