Petra's Biskuitroulade (Rolled Sponge Cake with Strawberries)

Petra's Biskuitroulade (Rolled Sponge Cake with Strawberries)
Cutting strawberries
Pouring batter
Whipped cream

I knew that my lovely friend Petra would come up with a delicious recipe to share when I first asked her to be on the podcast - I've had the pleasure of eating food that she has prepared, and it is always delicious, and usually has a hint of her German roots. Petra cooks in a beautiful light-filled kitchen overlooking a lake, with help from her two hilarious kids, who you'll hear in the audio. (Listen to hear what they think should happen with the strawberry that fell on the floor.)

Biskuitroulade is the recipe that Petra chose, and it's perfect for a June post in Nova Scotia - the strawberry season will begin in a few weeks, and this an ideal way to highlight them. Biskuitroulade is is essentially a rolled sponge cake, and could have endless variations. Petra's mom makes a version with cocoa powder and bananas; you could also use any kind of fruit along with the whipped cream - I'm imagining passionfruit! Or rhubarb! I think that Petra brought a version with raspberries and chocolate to our house once - cocoa powder added to the dough and the whipped cream. Such a perfect dessert!

Petra uses a Thermomix to make the components of the Biskuitroulade. It can also be made using a stand mixer. I'm sure that people have been making similar recipes long before mixers came along, so you'd probably have good luck making it by hand, too.

You can find Petra on Instagram. She was so gracious in having me over, and I hope that you enjoy this German treat as much as I do!

No. 07 - Petra's Biskuitroulade