Alana's Lobster Cakes

What would a food blog and podcast from Nova Scotia be without including at least one recipe for lobster? Sad, that's what! Lobster is a huge industry in this area, and although there are reportedly some Nova Scotians who don't care for it, I am emphatically not one of them.

To combine a lobster recipe with Alana's bright and cheery kitchen and the backdrop of beautiful Long Island is just about the dreamiest Nova Scotia trifecta. Alana has a vintage Kelvinator fridge (in good working order!) which she painted pink. She is one of the most industrious, resourceful, salt-of-the-earth people I've ever had the good fortune to meet, and she is a wonderful cook. (Also, if the picture above can be trusted, she can levitate.) In the audio, you'll not only hear her make the lobster cakes, but she also sums up her recipes for a hot lobster dip, a cold lobster dip, lobster rice, and a chowder concentrate that can be stored in the freezer. 

Before we get to the recipe, a few pictures of her kitchen are in order. You'll see why. (Did I mention the pink Kelvinator?)

Sink and table
Slicing potatoes
Alana chopping lobster
Spices and pan
Lobster cakes before cooking
Cooked lobster cakes with sauces
Lobster cakes done

Alana's lobster cakes are a recipe that she created, and they are absolutely brilliant. The chunks of lobster add the perfect texture to each bite, and a dab of sriracha mayo on the crispy edges is perfect. As Alana mentions in the audio, a large batch can be made all at once, which come out of the oven at the same time, so they're perfect for company. Just have the table set and side salads ready. Enjoy!

No. 04 - Alana's Lobster Cakes