Hi there! Come on in!

Hi there! Come on in!

Hello, and welcome - I'm so glad that you're here! I'm Sherrie, and in this little corner of the internet, I'll be sharing visits and recipes with friends in their Nova Scotia kitchens. Come on in and have a seat! I've been working on this project for awhile, and am so happy to finally be sharing it with you. To introduce myself and this project, here are the bits and pieces that have come together to bring Nova Scotia Kitchens into being:

To me, home is the most important place of all. It's where our lives are based and where some really essential parts of our days happen. It's where we get the night's sleep that fuels our day in the world. It's where we wash laundry, pay bills, watch a show, and tuck our kids into bed. Our kitchens are central to our time at home  -  where the fuel for our bodies is stored, prepared, and shared several times a day. We all need to eat. It doesn't get any simpler than that, and at the same time, it doesn't get any more complex. Although our needs for fuel for our bodies is the same, the ways in which we choose to eat are infinitely varied. Specific diets are chosen for health reasons, religious reasons, medical reasons, ethical reasons, flavour preferences, texture preferences, etc. etc. And those choices can change over time - nothing is set in stone. It's one beautiful element of the diversity amongst us humans.

The internet can be a whole lot of crazy. Part of what I want to do here is to add in some of what everyone needs now more than ever - a chat with a friend and a meal shared. 

Our homes and kitchens are as unique as each of us, and in each post, I'm delighted to share a few images from each of my visits with friends along with the audio from our visits in podcast form, or you can stream the audio directly from the post. For each visit, I leave the recipe choice completely up to the guest. I suggest that the recipe be something that is a staple in their home that they make regularly. And they need to have a Nova Scotia kitchen. That's it! The name "Nova Scotia Kitchens" is a nod to the classic cookbook by Marie Nightingale called "Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens". You'll be able to print the recipes from here on the blog, and you can subscribe to the podcast or stream the audio from our visits directly from each post.

Also, huge thanks to my husband, Adam Graham, for technical support (and for generally being awesome) and to Julian Smith for composing and performing the podcast music.

Oh, and a little bit about me - I live within earshot of the ocean on windy days, on a little farm with honeybees and my beloved chickens. I first started cooking in university, and I was hooked the first time I sliced into fresh ginger. It's still one of my favourite cooking scents. I have far too many cookbooks, I eat eggs from my hens every morning for breakfast, and I love spending time in the garden. I was born here in Nova Scotia, daughter to a lobster fisherman - how quaint! -  and my husband and I have made it our place of choice to raise our two sons. I love this place so very much, for a whole host of reasons, including ocean air, friendly people, lobsters, and gorgeous land and seascapes. I'm excited to share a bit of it with you!

As a little way to say hello, I'm including a recipe from my very own Nova Scotia kitchen for you, and a short introductory podcast episode.

The Best And Easiest Bread, Ever


For a little snippet of Yankee Kitchen, as mentioned in the episode, check out this video clip on YouTube.

Once more, thank you for stopping in! Enjoy.