Vickie's Fring Frang (Potato Galette)

Vickie's Fring Frang (Potato Galette)

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On a cold afternoon in February, Vickie and I walked on snow-covered paths past her chicken coop, weaving our way past the resting vegetable beds and bare-branched fruit trees and shrubs under a leafless canopy of mature trees. At the end of the path in a clearing, Vickie welcomed me to her teahouse where a cozy fire was crackling away in the wood stove.

The dish which Vickie is sharing with us has what it possibly the best name, ever - Fring Frang. The name seems to be unique to Clare, although similar dishes are served in other places. It's a simple, hearty meal of fried potatoes which requires very little from the pantry. Vickie serves her own homemade bread and butter pickles with the Fring Frang, which is a perfect pairing. If you like ketchup, that would also be a tangy contrast to serve it with, or any other sweet pickled vegetable would also do nicely.

A few notes from our chat:

Rappie Pie (or, rapûre) is another potato-based Acadian dish, and one I grew up eating (with molasses and butter - so perfect!) If you're not familiar with Rappie Pie, there is more information as well as a recipe here

I also mention Charlotte Lane, where they serve a Swiss Potato Rösti which is my friend Ingrid's favourite thing to order. I cannot recommend Charlotte Lane highly enough - the food is always incredibly delicious, and the service is wonderful. You should make a point to find yourself in Shelburne when they are open (May-December).

The university which Vickie mentions is Université Ste-Anne, in Church Point.

And now, on to the Fring Frang, in Vickie's lovely teahouse.

There is an additional treat for you if you listen to the podcast - Vickie made dessert for us, and shares her technique for making Blueberry Fungi, also known as grunt. You can find a full recipe here; fittingly, it's adapted from Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens, which was part of the inspiration for this project. We also briefly discuss Visionware, in which Vickie cooked the fungi. (Vickie and I share a love for thrifted finds, dishes especially, and she found her Le Creuset set at Value Village for $25! What a deal.) Enjoy!