Katie's Apple Dumplings

Katie's Apple Dumplings
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Katie welcomed me into her beautiful brand new kitchen this weekend to share her grandmother's apple dumpling recipe with us.  It's perfect for this time of year - it is an easy and cozy dessert to whip up and make use of some of those apples you probably have sitting on your counter. If you've ever made a blueberry grunt or fungi, this is a similar sort of recipe, just using apples in place of the berries. Katie definitely did her Nan's recipe justice - it was absolutely delicious and comforting and perfect alongside a hot cup of tea on a chilly fall afternoon.

You can use any kind of apple for this recipe, but Katie and I agree that a tart apple is what we prefer, and Katie's apple of choice is honeycrisp. Get in there and use your hands to rub the butter into the flour, working quickly so it doesn't warm up.

Katie also made tea for us, and I insisted that she make mine just as she makes hers - the Newfoundland way. This means canned milk and sugar added to very strong Orange Pekoe tea, which was a new experience for my weaker-tea-and-fresh-milk-only Nova Scotia standard. I think I'll stick to my usual, but now I can say that I've tried Newfoundland-style tea. 

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You can follow Katie's blog at Mainland Home. Happy Fall!

Katie's Apple Dumplings