Mrs Trask's Molasses Cookies

Hi there, and welcome to Nova Scotia Kitchens! Here on the site, I visit friends old and new as they make a favourite recipe, and I share pictures, the recipe, and the audio from our visit with you. Welcome to Nova Scotia, and enjoy!


When the idea for this project first came to me, I knew immediately who I wanted to feature first, and she was gracious enough to agree. Mrs Trask has many years of experience in the kitchen, and on more than one occasion has brought baked treats to our door, so she seemed like a perfect fit. 

The recipe she's sharing is one for soft and perfectly chewy molasses cookies. They are one of the first treats that Mrs Trask brought to welcome us to the neighbourhood after we moved here. The dough is suitable for making into gingerbread houses or cutout cookies of any shape, and can be decorated or iced however you like. They're lovely with a cup of tea - Mrs Trask and I have shared more than one afternoon together with tea and cookies on her front porch, and these ones are a staple at her house.